This week, PCWC’s Annual General Meeting took place to discuss the 2023/2024 year ahead. 

Conversation regarding the organization’s direction and purpose were weighty but necessary as camp looks to answer vital questions and face the challenges with which we are being presented. 

First and foremost, PCWC belongs to our Lord and we are praying that His will be done both within the organization and through everything we do at camp. 

At this time we would like to communicate PCWC’s most urgent needs with our greater community as follows: 


If you feel so led, please pray for camp as we face significant shifts within the organization. Pray for wisdom, discernment, spiritual protection, and for willing hearts to be called to serve Jesus through camp. Spiritual support and prayer coverage is of utmost importance and is greatly appreciated. You can also pray specifically for the next 3 needs below. 


At this time, PCWC is without a Chairperson. A Search Committee was formed at the AGM in order to prayerfully consider and seek out potential candidates to be the next Chair. Todd Donaldson is acting as Chair in the interim; we are so grateful to Ian Penner for heading up camp this past year and doing an incredible job. 

If you, or someone you know, might be well suited and willing to serve in this position, please send us a message or email ( with contact information. 


Del Davis has faithfully served PCWC as Treasurer. We are so grateful for his inestimable contribution to camp over the years as he looks to step down and pass on the baton of Treasurer. He will continue in this position until a replacement has been found. Again, please send us a message/email as above. 


PCWC has been greatly affected by the hay shortages. We are actively seeking horse feed including additional grazing possibilities, hay or leads on hay, and looking into other creative solutions in order to feed our herd of about 40 horses through this winter. 

If you would like to stay informed about camp, you can subscribe to PCWC’s email chain by emailing with your request to be added to the list. 

We appreciate our community as we work together to share the Gospel and make camp happen!