Campers and Parents, 

As registration for summer 2023 nears we have some exciting announcements. 

Our upcoming camp schedule will be posted soon, but first I want to share our new registration process that we are trialing this year. 

We have had significant demand for our camps which has meant that many of our camps fill up within minutes of registration opening and often our website is overloaded in the process. 

This year we will have a registration weekend, opening on Friday, March 24th at 12am until Sunday, March 26th 2023 at 11:59pm (MST). Everyone who applies during this weekend will be included in a lottery style draw. This will be similar to picking names out of a hat. Based on the order of the draw, campers will be placed in the camp of their choice or added to the waitlist. 

This new process does not create additional camp capacity and it is anticipated that we will still have campers on waitlists. Our desire in making this adjustment is to remove the time sensitive nature of our registration process and decrease any stress that is associated with it.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. 


Ian Penner 


Peace Country Wilderness Camps 

(780) 380-6786

Please note that applications may still be submitted after the lottery cut-off at 11:59pm on March 26th, 2023. In this case, the campers who applied during the lottery weekend will have priority when being placed into camp. Once all lottery applicants have been slotted into camp or placed on waitlists, any campers who submit applications from March 27th onward will then be placed into camp or on waitlists based on their timestamp.