Hello camp community!

As we prepare for the upcoming 2023 season, we would first like to give an update as to some changes in leadership that have occurred within our organization this year. At our AGM in the fall, Dave Penner expressed he would be stepping down as PCWC’s Chairman. Ian Penner was then nominated to the position of Chairman and is serving at the helm of PCWC this year.

We are so grateful to Dave and would like to thank him deeply for the 20 years of faithful, joyful, passionate service he has dedicated to this organization. Dave will continue to serve with PCWC in a supportive role and remains a beloved member of our camp family.

We welcome you to read messages from both Dave and Ian below:

Message from Dave Penner

“Greetings to our camp family, campers, staff, parents, volunteers and supporters,

 We truly are part of an amazing community. Our journey together over the past 40 + years has been a treasure. I have often pinched myself and exclaimed, “Man…who gets to live like this?” because it’s that good!! The depth and richness of our shared journey truly is remarkable. We have dreamed, worked, rode, climbed, shared, laughed, prayed and cried together. The gospel has become increasingly real and personal in our own journeys and in the lives of our campers.  New leaders have emerged and the vision continues. The impact of this shared journey and the reality of the gospel has had a great impact, not only in our camp circle but extends into our churches and communities.  Eph 3: 20 is our reality.

In Oct 2002, I became chairman and have had that privilege for the past twenty years. I have worked with the most amazing creative and generous people. I am so grateful for the mercy and grace extended to me as my imperfections and inadequacies became evident.

In Oct 2022, I stepped down and Ian Penner became chairman. Ian brings lots of leadership experience and has demonstrated a great commitment to PCWC and our mission, directing a number of camps, and volunteering in a host of different roles. His ability to bring a team together will be a great asset. Our leadership team today (executive and directors) is a vibrant, relationally healthy, committed group with a great desire to work together to share the gospel with this generation. Let’s continue to support and love them well with grace and mercy as they help all of us to coordinate our efforts and resources to carry out this mission. It’s really an incredible privilege to be a part of it. 

Please read Heb 6:11-12, two options are laid out clearly.
May we choose well, and then we can look back again and say, “What an Amazing Adventure…who gets to live like this??”


Dave Penner

Message from Ian Penner

“Hi camp family,

Camp has undergone several waves of transition through the years and somewhat unexpectedly we find ourselves in another.

It was an honour to be asked to chair the leadership team of Peace Country Wilderness Camps. What excites me most is how our organization develops leadership qualities from first time campers to my predecessor chairs. I see my role as facilitating many leaders to fullfil our collective mandate, providing  campers a space to encounter the Creator. I look forward to working together for God’s Glory.

Thanks for your continued support and involvement.

Ian Penner