Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that we received over 180 applications during yesterday’s registration opening – not only that, but over 60 applications came in within the first 10 minutes of opening!

I also wanted to give an example of how applications came down to mere seconds of difference, which is why I’ve included the photo of our application sheet’s timestamp column, showing the amount of applications received between 10:08am and 10:09am.

As a result, some of you may have been placed in your 2nd or even 3rd choice of camp, and there are many of you who have also been waitlisted. While there may be disappointed campers out there because of this, we do make our very best efforts to get as many campers into camp as we can – even going as far as to increase the total amount of campers we accepted into our Ridge Riders camps.

We want to thank everyone for their interest and love of camp, and for the support of PCWC and all of our wonderful volunteers. We truly do wish we could take each one of you to camp every year!

P.S. We do still have plenty of room for campers at our Hiking Camp and our Adult Ride and Relax camp, so submit your applications and spread the word! We’d love to see you there!