We are excited to officially announce the upcoming summer 2022 camp season with Peace Country Wilderness Camps.

Here at PCWC, our camps are imbued with friendship, outdoorsmanship, horsemanship, and a whole lot of fun.

Below you will find a quick summary of what each of our camps will look like, including a list of camp options, dates, and corresponding directors for each of our camps this year.

Our Ridge Riders camps are for ages 12-14 and act as the perfect entry-level camp with PCWC. These camps take place on a ranch near the Old Bezanson Townsite. Whether you are new to riding or not, Ridge Riders (RR) will help to create, build or expand on your horsemanship knowledge. The cost of RR is $300.00 CAD. We are offering 3 RR options this year as follows:

RR 1 – July 1-7 – directed by Riley Emerson
RR 2 – July 9-15 – directed by Travis King
RR 3 – July 16-22 – directed by Susie Schartner & Nicole Soroka

Our Mountain Base camps are for ages 14-18 and provide expanded elements of breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain in the Two Lakes Provincial Park area. At Mountain Base (MB), you will be in the saddle for longer stretches and experience true wilderness camping. The cost of MB is $475.00 CAD. We are offering 3 MB options this year as follows:

MB 1 – July 23-30 – directed by Brian & Tracy Burkhart
MB 2 – July 30-August 6 – directed by Evan Akers
MB 3 – August 6-13 – directed by Todd Donaldson

Our Mountain Adventure camp will take campers aged 15-19 on a next-level wilderness experience that they will never forget. This close-knit group will frequently pack up camp and trek via horseback to new, sometimes untouched locations in the Two Lakes Provincial Park area and beyond. The cost of Mountain Adventure (MA) is $500.00 CAD and will take place as follows:

MA – August 20-29 – directed by Nathanael Sterr

We are excited to once again offer our Adult Ride & Relax Camp for campers ages 18+ this year! Do you feel the need for the time to relax, reset, and restore your spirits after these past few years? Would a time of fellowship and bonding with other adults and horses appeal to you? Then this might just be the camp for you! The cost of Adult Camp is $500.00 CAD and will take place as follows:

Adult Camp – August 13-20 – directed by Jeremy & Nathania King

Perhaps you are intrigued by the wilderness elements of PCWC, but would prefer an option that doesn’t involve horses. Well, our Hiking Camp for ages 14-18 might be just the ticket for you! Prepare for a backpacking adventure in the wilderness, complete with all the outdoorsmanship experiences you crave to build strength, skill, and camaraderie with fellow hardcore hiking enthusiasts. The cost of Hiking Camp is $250.00 and will take place as follows:

Hiking Camp – July 16-20 – directed by Derek Syme

That concludes the details for our 2022 camp season. Registration for camp opens on Saturday, March 19th 2022 at 10:00am MST. An application form will go live on our website as well as on our Facebook Page. It is not uncommon for camps to fill up within an hour of registration opening, so if you have your eye set on a certain camp, we recommend you be prompt to complete an application as close to the time of opening as possible.

Please spread the word about the exciting year of camp we have planned, and we hope to see you at PCWC this summer!