We want you to know that until last week we were working and planning for camp to occur, however this is no longer a possibility.

Here are a number of points to consider that have brought us to this conclusion:

  1. It is our intention at PCWC to work within the guidelines of those in legal authority over us. We have asked our local AHS and Alberta Government for exemptions but were denied.
  2. With the recent restrictions in place until the end of May there simply isn’t time for the “numbers” to improve and restrictions to relax to the place where camp can finally be permitted.
  3. It is also time for PCWC to release leaders, campers and families to make alternate plans.


Determine your goal and mission and make plans to MAKE IT HAPPEN. God’s plans for each of us is GOOD. Lean into what He is saying so you can live it to the fullest!