We will forever be grateful for Wade & Aubrey. Life at PCWC will never be the same. We want to invite each of you who were touched by Wade & Aubrey through PCWC to leave a note on our Facebook page. Let’s remember together the great fun, deep love and constant support they gave to camp.

I was born into PCWC: life with the Balisky’s was the norm. Dad and Bob did everything together, and there are many precious memories I hold from the times I got to tag along, whether it was a camp meeting, moving horses or snowmobiling. I have scars and injuries I hold as a mark of the crazy adventures and lessons learned. I will forever hold dear the time I beat Wade at Stretch out at Sheep Creek! Wade staffed many of my Pack n’ Rides and I will always remember the beautiful singing, the crazy antics and the push to be wild. Aubrey is my younger cousin, and as we grew, we discovered how deep the family blood runs. I had her staff for me as a young LIT at the first camp I directed, and one morning we showed up to staff meeting coming from separate tents wearing the exact same clothes! Aubrey was a home girl and she loved the farm. When she married Wade, I turned the camp rodeo over to her and she took it to a whole new level! Always creative, forever dreaming, grateful to their Saviour. These two joined the mission to know God and make Him known. Camp and the rodeo flowed from and through their yard, there isn’t a horse, a piece of equipment or a volunteer that wasn’t touched by them. For all they gave, we say Thank You.

-Amy Heyn

Wade, Aubrey, Jewel and Fleur Balisky went to be with Jesus after going down in their helicopter in the Eaglesham area late January 1st, 2021. Please pray for their surviving children Chevey, Remmington and Indya.